Founder, Crystal Girgenti

Crystal Girgenti

You have a goal. A dream. A desire.There are people out there who will tell you can’t do something. You’re crazy. You’ll never make it happen. I call these people “Dream Stealers.”

I know what’s it’s like to be told “No” or “You can’t…” I had a difficult childhood and had to overcome abuse, setbacks, and oppression that are common with growing up in poverty. I’m not a victim, and neither are you.

When I realized I wasn’t doing what I truly wanted, I started advising others on how to create their business and get what they want out of life. It’s not easy. There are things to learn – how to discover yourself, learn a new skill, and build confidence. As I began to overcome my limiting beliefs, embrace my authentic self, and increase my confidence, I quickly went from $500 per client to $20,000 and higher.

It is important that you surround yourself with people who can guide you to getting a result and lift you up when you fall.

If you have a true heartfelt desire to build a successful business, we offer a safe place, without judgment. I am your advocate. I’ll support your dreams and guide you through the hard work required to achieve them. I will shorten the learning process so you can build a successful business and live a fulfilling life.

You can play the cards you’re dealt or you can grab the deck and deal your own hand.

You have a dream. I’d love to guide you to it.