3 Reasons You Need a Website and 3 Reasons You Don’t!

3 Reasons You Need a Website and 3 Reasons You Don’t!

Yes, it’s the ongoing debate over whether you need a website when starting a business or not. The more people you ask, the more confused you get.

So let’s set the record straight here. I’m going to do something crazy here (sense the sarcasm?)

I’m going to share with you 3 reasons you DO need a website and also 3 reasons you have NO need for one and then let YOU decide. I mean, it’s your business, right?

We’re both busy, so let’s get right to it.


My Top 3 Reasons You DO Need a Website


Number 1:

If you’re starting a product based business and will be selling those products online to reach a larger audience than you can out of your living room. You need a website. Your customers will want to see all their options so they can make their choice.

It’s crucial that you offer high resolution photos, a detailed description of your products, and clear pricing, including shipping.

You can be selling your products any time of day instead of only when you have the time to respond to phone calls, texts, and Facebook messages. With a website, at the end of each day (or two) you download all your orders, ship them out, and collect your profits. Done!

trust-authorityNumber 2:

You have gained trust and authority with your audience and you have a few clients. It’s time to invest in that website. Most importantly, your website allows you to build your sales funnel. (Your sales funnel is your custom buying process to sell your products and services)

Your clients want a place to go to check you out when they’ve been referred to you. They will need customer service and support. You can begin to collect emails and build your list to gain more clients. You can send them free content. Allow them to book a session with you. Basically, your having your website work for you so you can focus on your income generating work.

Number 3:

You want a blog. (you do) If you are starting a business as a blogger, then your choice is obvious – you need a website. If you are a product or service business, you can use a blog to get more traffic to your website, leading more people to you. (businesses who blog regularly see 3 times more traffic than those who don’t)

Your blog can allow you to get your message out (like this one!), can help you establish trust and authority, and educate your audience on why they need your product or service. It also gives you a place to send those “freebie seekers” who will waste your time because they just want free info from you – send them to your blog and you both win! You didn’t waste any time and they get the info!

OK…Now for the reasons you DO NOT need a website.


My Top 3 Reasons You DO NOT Need a Website


Number 1:

If you are a coach, consultant, or service provider with little to no clients, then you can hold off on the website for now. Get on social media (Facebook is my fave) and start talking. Start educating people.

You HAVE to get out there! When you have conversations with people and share your message, people will begin to see what you do. They will begin to trust you and if your message resonates with them, they will ask for your help. I can tell you from experience this is highly effective. Start here and then when you get a few clients under your belt, make the investment to get a website (refer to Reason 2 above)

ultimate-reachNumber 2:

In any business, if you are willing to sell your products and services in any way possible, without a website. It can be done, but it can be a lot of work. There are many ways to make this work: cold calling, mailings, door to door, in person events, social media, corporate consulting, referrals, just to name a few. If you’re doing all these things and don’t want or need any more business, then you don’t need a website.

Number 3:

You don’t want to be found. I’m serious. Maybe your business runs strictly on referrals. You don’t need a website. There are legitimate and legal businesses (and ethical ones too) that actually don’t want to be found. The first one that pops in my head is a private investigator. They may want a website, they may not. They may run on exclusivity and not want just anyone finding them. That’s cool. Then don’t get a website.

There you have it. I’m completely aware that some people willing be throwing up reading this and disagree. That’s ok. Go write your own post then.

In the years of working with business owners in many different industries, this is what I’ve seen. Some need a website, some do not, and some don’t need it right now but do at a later date.

If you are a coach, consultant, or service provider and you DO need a website right now, it doesn’t have to be expensive to start. You can start with something effective, but small, and expand as you grow. Check out my 3-2-1 Website System for a quick and affordable website where we’ve included only what you need to get you started at a ridiculously fair price.

I hope this information has been helpful and you’ve been able to see where you fall in your business. Take care.
~Crystal Girgenti, Founder
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  1. Love it. Thank you!

  2. So clear and straightforward Crystal. I particularly like the way you explain the reasons why not to have a website (yet).Thanks for sharing this.

    Kind regards

    • The website can come later. Focus on building a solid foundation for your business first!
      Glad you found this helpful!

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