How Fear Shows Up in Business (It’s Not What You Think!)

How Fear Shows Up in Business (It’s Not What You Think!)


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Hi Crystal,

I know you talk about fear a lot and you think it’s the most common block for business owners.
I don’t feel scared and I think I’m past my fear, but I still can’t get over $30,000 per year.

How do I know it’s fear blocking me from reaching my goal and not something else?

Hey there! Fantastic question!

This is a very common question I get from business owners struggling to reach any income goal.

Often, business owners will say, “But I’m not scared” or “I don’t *feel* scared. Let me clarify what fear is and how it shows up in your business.

The first thing is what is fear?

By definition, ( fear is “a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is real or imagined; the feeling or condition of being afraid.”

What we’re talking about here is NOT the physical danger one could be in when let’s say, being chased by a bear (Yes! That would be scary!)

So don’t think of fear as always a physical response to a danger.

When we grow our income, change our beliefs, or try to do something we haven’t done before, we have emotions such as fear, doubt, and worry that pop up and cause us to stop dead in our tracks. Think of fear as the emotion that’s blocking you from reaching your goal.

Fear can show up in MANY ways and it’s different for each person. This is because everyone has different beliefs and a different perception of reality.

Here are a couple of “obvious” examples:

— Fear of rejection – You don’t want to be told no, so you don’t make the phone calls.

— Fear of failure – what if I fail? This often comes with the fear or worry about what other people will think. So if you were to do the thing and fell flat on your face, do you worry that you’ll look stupid? Or someone will say, “I told you so.”

Here are a couple of “not-so-obvious” ways fear shows up…

— Procrastination – This is hesitating to do the thing you need to do to move yourself forward and often comes from the worry about what other people will think, what if I fail? what if I succeed? what if I make a mistake?

— Not enough clients, not enough money, not enough time. These are results of not being clear on what to do next and also from a LACK of understanding of Universal Law. When you’re NOT clear, it’s because there is a block. This block could be the result of ANY of the fear/doubt/worry that I previously mentioned.

NOW… the hard part for a business owner is to determine, for themselves, EXACTLY what fears/doubts/worries are blocking the results. This is because it’s your perception of reality that is showing you what actions to take.

Unless you have someone with experience, who can see a different reality, CHALLENGE your current beliefs, you’ll have a super hard time figuring out why you’re not getting the results you want. This is why a coach is ESSENTIAL to growth.

Change your beliefs to change your results.

If you are having any of these struggles:

not enough clients
not enough sales
not enough money
you cave on sales calls and never hear from the person again
you cringe at the very word sales
running out of energy
on the edge of burn out
it’s not clear what to do next
or you’re just not sure what it is that’s holding you back…

I STRONGLY encourage you grab one of the last seats to my upcoming Clear the Fear event HERE.

In this 2 Day LIVE INTENSIVE, we’re going to dive into fear in great detail
helping you uncover what fears you have that you can’t see right now
and how to move around them so you can reach any income goal.

You’ll walk away knowing what beliefs are causing your current results
and we begin to change them so you can see a different way of doing things
and do the right things that will get you different results!


The key here is uncovering what beliefs you have. Once you do , you’ll know what to change and you’ll instantly see how to find new clients, charge the right price for your programs, and be able to generate revenue anytime you want!

See you there!

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