I’m Posting But No One is Listening

I’m Posting But No One is Listening


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I’m posting on Facebook about my programs every day, sharing useful information, and even sharing it in groups that I think my ideal client is in.

And it seems like I’m talking to a wall. I get a couple of likes here and there, but no one is commenting and no one is buying.

I have, what I think, are awesome programs and I just don’t understand why people aren’t joining.

Can you offer any direction?

Hey there!

Thanks for the question! Without knowing more about your business, programs, and seeing your posts, I can’t give a solid answer, but let me do my best here to try and help.

Let’s look at 3 things that could be happening:

First, and I want you to be honest with yourself here, be very clear on what your INTENTION of the posts are.

If your entering a state of desperation (which is common when business owners aren’t generating the revenue they need), people will FEEL that energy.

You’ve felt this before from others. You might not know what it was, but you’ve been around salespeople and something just didn’t feel right. I say this with love, you’re fooling no one. (Ok, maybe you’ll fool one or two, but this certainly won’t make you rich!)

If you’re coming from a place of lack, need, and fear, your energy will be sent out in your message and people will be repelled.

Now, if you set your intention prior to writing the post and come from a place of service, gratitude, and love, you will begin to see a difference in your engagement and people will feel this. (Give it some practice, this may take time)

But that’s not the whole picture…

Next, and I know this can scare an underperforming business owner, you have to look at your PRICING.

Does your program look cheap and not worth their time?

You see, when you’re serious about serving others, offering a product or service for $20 isn’t going to transform their life. It’s a bandaid. They have a serious problem that they’re coming to you with and if you can help them solve this problem, I believe it’s your duty to do so.

That said, people have to be committed to this transformation. And we aren’t committed to cheap things. Think about the last thing you got for free or cheap. Did you cherish it as much as something you paid quite a bit for.

Your clients HAVE to have some skin in the game to take action and by offering them a cheapo program that won’t really help them, you’re doing them a disservice.

Lastly, look at your MESSAGING.

Are you talking about you or your clients?

We are bombarded by messages every minute of every day and we’ve become very good at scrolling through the “non-essentials.”

There are millions of people posting about their programs, products, and all about themselves and it’s old. Imagine sitting down for coffee with someone you just met and they just start talking… and talking….and talking.. and they literally don’t shut up for 15 minutes.

That’s probably going to be the longest 15 minutes of your life, right?

Be of service to others. Talk to them about THEM! This will also give you a boost in your engagement and allow potential clients to see that you care.

If you’re posting and no one is responding,
you’re training the audience to NOT listen to you! 

Getting your messaging right is CRITICAL to attracting the right clients into your business.

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