Scared To Ask For Money In Your Business? Did You Ever Think Of It This Way?

Scared To Ask For Money In Your Business? Did You Ever Think Of It This Way?

I spend a lot of time talking with small business owners and one thing I hear quite often is “I’m scared to ask for money.” So you hold back and don’t even make your offer.

I just had this come up on a call yesterday and I thought I should share. I work with coaches, consultants, and service providers, so that is who this post is geared towards.

If you don’t ask for money, not only will your business shrivel up and die, but you will be disappointed in yourself and regret it. But you already knew that.
I totally get it. Asking for money is uncomfortable. I’m still uncomfortable at times and I’ve been doing this for 8 years! The key is to work through the uncomfortable feeling. It probably won’t go away (although it may eventually), but you just keep going with this feeling alongside you.

What I really wanted to share with you though, is a different perspective on asking for money within your business.

Here are the underlying assumptions that I’ve made:

  1. You have a great product or service
  2. You are talented and skilled (yes, you are!)
  3. Your product or service will help people solve a problem and add value to their life
  4. The person you are asking for money is your ideal client

If the above statements are true, then you have to look at asking for money this way:

You are giving this person a choice to work with you. They can make the decision to say yes or no. You can help them make that decision by giving them the option of working with you, along with helping them to not make excuses that will keep them playing small.

It is NOT ok to take away people’s choice. They have come to you hoping you can help them. And if you’re a good fit for one another, then don’t take away their choice by not making an offer.

That is all…. For now. Have a great day.

  1. Superb advice here Crystal. I am going to share this post. Many thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience.

    Kind regards

    • You’re welcome! Go get yourself out there!

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