Top 5 Reasons You’ll Never Make the Money You Say You Want

Top 5 Reasons You’ll Never Make the Money You Say You Want

#5 – Arrogance

Reaching out for help is NOT a sign of weakness. It’s a sign of strength. Many people will get on a call with someone who can help and they are unable to make a decision to invest in themselves. Why? Because they think they can do it themselves. But their way hasn’t worked!

Show me ONE successful person who did it all themselves. (you can’t).
Arrogance is when someone says, “I’ll just do it myself.” In other words, I’m going to waste time and keep myself hidden, playing small, because my ego is in the way. Well screw all the people that NEED you NOW, huh?


#4 – Selfishness

Being broke, living in poverty, and living on welfare (not just temporarily) are signs of selfishness and of not contributing.

Here’s why: we’re ALL here to serve and provide more life for ourselves and others. It’s also our BIRTHRIGHT to be rich. But people hide their gifts from others, keeping it to themselves and not sharing (funny how you’d tell a child to share his/her toys but people think adults don’t have to abide by the same rules).

Selfish people don’t step up when they need to in order to serve others (for the reasons listed in 5, 3, 2, and 1). Again, they hide, play small, and embrace the struggle.


#3 – You’re  Scared Shitless

People who are scared say things like, “I don’t have the money,” “I don’t have the time,” or any other “Excuse of the Day.”

We’re ALL scared. Even those who look the most confident, earn the most money, and seem to be light years ahead. How we handle that fear makes all the difference.

It’s just programming and learned fears. But here’s the thing.. if programming and fears can be learned, they can be un-learned and changed.
Over the past 10 years of working with entrepreneurs, I’ve found that most people aren’t afraid of failure. They’re afraid of success.

They are scared shitless to embrace their own power and make things happen. People have been taught to conform and obey and when they don’t, face the consequences of other people’s opinions.

So once again, they hide. (seeing a pattern here?) They give all their power to others who they let control their identity, to money which dictates their decisions, and most of all, to their fears which prevent them from taking action.


#2 – You Don’t Want It

Let’s go back to the money and time excuses. Think about it.. you have the money and the time for things you REALLY want. If you want to see what your priorities are, just look at where you spend your money and time. It can be pretty eye opening.

In my experience, most people don’t REALLY WANT success because they have created an identity around the struggle and to remove that struggle strips away who they think they are. And who they’re being right now is the only person they know.

Think about this…

Some people say, “If only I could win the lottery, I’d be/do/have _____.” The truth is, most people wouldn’t know how to handle the money if they did win. (aside from the fact that they give themselves permission to hide and play small until they win this large amount of cash – See #4)

Most lottery winners lose every penny and end up broke again because their identity is not one who possesses riches, but one who struggles. Don’t believe me? Research it on your own.


#1 – Blame

My guess is that 90% of people who started reading this post stopped reading before they got to #1. Why? Well, for any number of reasons.

This post is too long and they don’t have the time to read it.
They think I’m full of shit.
They found something to distract them because it became too painful to read the truth.
Or because they became angry.

“Fuck this…I’m not arrogant. I’m not selfish. I’m not scared. And don’t tell me what I want.”

They’ll go right back into their current environment with the same circumstances, producing the same results and point the finger at ANYTHING but themselves. (proving my points)

Now of the remaining 10% reading this far, 99% will read it, brush it off or get angry, but won’t change a single thing. They won’t even stop to question if it’s true.

It’s a defense mechanism – get angry or disregard the message so they don’t have to look within and face the truth that they created their (lack of) results. Maybe they’ll unfriend me or block me. I don’t care.

I’m here for the 1% – the 1% who says “shit…I didn’t realize that,” and they’ll reach out for help.

They take responsibility for their results and their life. They are willing to release blame of anything outside of them and turn the focus to the inside, take full responsibility, and willing to face themselves in order to live better and serve others.

What if… NO MATTER what anyone around you did or didn’t do, YOU could create your results and live your dream?

Now you have a choice…

You can stay in the 99%. Or you can choose to climb up into the 1%.
It’s YOUR decision.

If you’re serious about the climb, then check your excuses at the door and join me here to begin:

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