Why Married Women Struggle to Build a Business


(This week, I’d like to share a conversation I had with a women recently…)

A woman came to me asking for help to build her business.

She said:
Crystal, no matter what I do, I can’t get clients. I mean, I get one here and there, but then they’re gone and I’m left with nothing again. I know there’s something I’m not doing and to be quite honest, I’m low on motivation because of it. I just don’t know what to do anymore.”

To make a long story short, I asked her if she wasn’t making any money, then how was she paying her bills?
Her answer was that her husband makes a good living and he pays the bills, so “that really wasn’t a concern.”

I asked her if she really wanted to fix this problem and her answer was yes.

So I told her to tell her husband NOT to pay the mortgage next month because SHE was going to earn the money and pay it.

You see, here’s the real problem…

She didn’t have any urgency to make money because the bills were being taken care of.  This is a common problem I hear from married women.

If you don’t have a compelling reason to make money, you won’t. If you don’t have the urgency to make money, you won’t.

This is a very important piece of building any business, making any money, and reaching any goal.

You have to know your reason WHY. And if your WHY doesn’t mean enough to you, you won’t work for it.

If you are struggling with getting clients or reaching your financial goals, get very clear on why you are doing this.

What is your compelling reason?
What happens if you don’t get this?

If you have no urgency, then reaching your goal will be a struggle.


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