Why Women Think They’re Unequal


Let’s just get real here.

Is the only way you get to do something when your man gives you permission?

You want something that brings you joy or advances your life, but you can’t because “my husband said no.”

When are you going to live YOUR OWN life?

Women, every day, go around spouting that they are unequal. They are treated poorly by men. They are second class citizens.

Yet, you have this AMAZING POWER inside of you to be, do, and have anything you want in life and you place that power on a silver platter and hand it over to a man willingly.

Every time you need permission from your man to do something, you are a victim.

I’m not saying you don’t talk to him about anything or do things behind his back. You can ask for his support, but you don’t need his permission.

When he wants something, he gets it. End of story. He doesn’t ask your permission. And he doesn’t need it.

What kind of relationship do you have if you can only advance in life as far as your significant other wants you to or sees for you? (this all works both ways, by the way)

This is called Slavery.

Your husband makes all the money so you think he is in charge of your dreams, of your life. Well, that’s your choice.

So go out and make your own money. Money is EVERYWHERE. Make your own decisions.

The problem is you’ve put yourself in this position that you’re dependent on your man to provide, gave him all the power, and then wonder why you’re miserable and unhappy in life, unable to get out of this rut.

Ladies, you MUST look inside yourself and recognize that YOU own your life. No one else.

And YOU have the power to choose.

Are you a slave or a powerful woman?

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