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8 Things To Do Before You Can Get More Clients Using LinkedIn

Using LinkedIn to get more clients is essentially exactly what LinkedIn is designed to do. But, you cannot just create a partial profile, disappear and expect new clients to magically come your way. You will need to create an awesome profile and actively seek to engage others.

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How Facebook Helps People Pronounce Your Name Correctly

If you’re name is hard to pronounce like mine (Crystal Girgenti), then you’re probably used to people absolutely butchering it! Even after you pronounce it several times to them, they still can’t get it. I mean, it may not be their fault because some names don’t sound

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3 Things You Must Do Before Using Social Media For Your Marketing

Yes, social media is all the rage these days. Well, really for the last several years. But before you jump in and start swimming, there are a few things you need to look at first. 1) Who is your ideal client? Take a close look and get

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How to Professionally Connect With People You Don’t Know (Yet) on LinkedIn

Just yesterday I received this question in my inbox and I wanted to spread the love and share it with everyone. “Is it ethical to introduce ourselves to people on LinkedIn that we don’t know or haven’t been introduced to but we do know they work for

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