A 2 Day Live Intensive To Help You
Get What You Want In Life...


Join Crystal Girgenti and explore what beliefs are holding you back

AUGUST 16-17, 2019

Danbury, CT

“This workshop blew me away. No exaggeration. Everybody needs to have this experience, so they can move on to fulfilling their dreams instead of being stuck in the fears that cage us. Literally nothing short of life-changing.

Emily Mygatt Lee, Owner, Roxbury Photography


Crystal Girgenti,

International Master Business Acceleration Coach,

helps under-performing business owners get clear on what is keeping them stuck and teaches them how to smash through those obstacles and beliefs so they can live their potential!

Do you hear your mind starting to chatter when you are ready to accelerate your business and/or your life?

  • Why am I not getting what I want?
  • What if I fail?
  • What if I succeed and can’t handle it?
  • I don’t have the money
  • What if my husband/wife leaves me?
  • I don’t know enough
  • No one will pay me (that much!)

These fears keep you in a cage...

...they keep you from fulfilling your purpose

and you must learn to clear the mental chatter in order to transform your life.

I know you’re frustrated. You may even be disappointed in yourself. You see other people having success and are thinking, “What the hell am I doing wrong?” or “Why can’t I just do this?”

You act like things are ok. When someone says, “How’s it going?” you reply “Great!” and yet inside you want to cry or scream because it’s not! You’re just trying to keep it together.

I know because I’ve been exactly where you are right now.

WHAT’S REALLY HAPPENING is that you have a “story” in your mind.

This “story” was created when you were a young child and it shapes your reality. It’s been with you a while.
It tells you what to see and how to act. It tells you what’s possible and what’s not. It tells you what you can do and what you can’t. It tells you what to fear.
This story is made up of all your fears that are deep in your mind. (that’s why you can’t just bring yourself to do something – because some fears are pretty deep and you may not even know they are there until you have someone helping you!)
These fears stop you. Your mind is trying to keep you safe and when you try to do something that would grow your income or your life, your mind says, “Whoa! Hold on! We’re safe right where we are.. let’s stay here.
It’ll do anything it can to keep you right where you are, including bringing up a fear or making you feel pain, so you feel unsafe and don’t move. That’s when you can’t do the thing that you need to do to move closer to your goal. Tricky, huh?


You have a few options:


ONE: You can stop here and quit. (I know you don’t want to do that because you’re here reading this, but it is an option, right?)


TWO: You can go grab a book, read it front to back, and figure out your fears so you can keep moving.
But remember that I told you that some fears are deep in your mind and that your story shows you your reality? Well, it’s REALLY difficult to see these fears yourself and understand what’s going on in your own head with help)
Can I be honest with you? If you could do it yourself, then you would have done it already.


THREE: You can work with someone who understands how these fears work and can help you see other options or opportunities. Someone who can help you do a little digging to find the fear and then help you move past them so you can finally reach your goals.


I'd like to personally invite you to the...


Join me on August 16 - 17, 2019

in Danbury, CT at the beautiful Ethan Allen Hotel

One easy payment of $497


“My whole world has been turned on its head. Everything in my life – all the fears, challenges, beliefs, worries, self-doubt, limitations – I can see them all so clearly now, like an objective observer, and feel like I can choose, each time they come up in my mind, to take another course. I feel like anything is possible… like I am no longer in a cage, but free to go and fulfill my purpose on this earth.

“My favorite part was getting to dissect the information in a discussion setting with Crystal. Instead of having information thrown at us, we got to have a dialogue, and the back and forth between the participants and the coach was so valuable to see. It also made it harder to stay stuck in our beliefs, and to just listen but not let it sink in. We were participating in our own enlightenment, and Crystal gave us no chance to hide, but every chance to raise our concerns/questions/thoughts at every turn.”

Emily Mygatt Lee, Owner, Roxbury Photography

[My biggest takeaway was] realizing how living in fear is not living at all.
[My favorite part was] tapping into our fears, why we have them and how to clear them.
Loved Crystal’s ability to see things in me that I had yet to see. Just AMAZING!

Nina Cudney, Communication and Self Awareness Expert

“I’m not kidding when I tell people that a 2-hour Q&A with [Crystal] caused an enormous shift in my perspective…This one was seismic.

Jason Wittman

“When I tell you it changed my way of thinking and therefore has begun to change my life, it would be an understatement! It’s so eye opening. She’ll challenge you and realizing things about yourself can suck a little but once you break through that it’s unreal!!”

“Being pushed to find the answers I didn’t even know were waiting for me. The thoughts and feelings about life, money , etc that I didn’t even know I was harboring. Digging deep has always scared me but it was really the best part of this seminar for me because it was my jumping off place for growth to begin.”

Kelly Schulze, Owner, Studio 77 

“The genuine, caring, understanding, judgement free and passionate attitude that you have for all of our successes big or small makes the event worth every penny. It is nice to know there is someone else out there who believes in us… and it helps us move forward with ease.

Colleen Buckley, Life Coach at Inspired Action Group LLC

This intensive is ONLY for you if…

  • You are willing to expose your self-limiting beliefs and take responsibility for your results.

  • Your results don’t match what you say you want in your life and/or business.

  • You understand and are willing to accept that changing your beliefs can be challenging and sometimes painful, but you want to continue anyway.

  • You want help moving forward and are willing to do whatever it takes to reach your goal.

  • You are DONE listening to other people’s opinions telling you “you can’t!”

  • You want support to build your dream!

Over the course of the 2 day in person intensive, I'm going to guide you through:

1) Becoming aware of your story and exposing the fears and beliefs that keep you right where you are

2) Why you can't get the results you say you want and how to change that!

3) Giving yourself permission to do the things you need to do in order to achieve your goals

4) Gaining the confidence to stop playing small and see bigger results than you thought possible

5) How to apply Universal Law in your life and business and be able to work around your fears to keep moving forward

6) Seeing opportunities that your fears are currently blocking

Join me on August 16 - 17, 2019

in Danbury, CT at the beautiful Ethan Allen Hotel

One easy payment of $497

Have a Question? I'm happy to hear from you. Email me at crystal @ g-forcecoaching.com

In addition to this life-transforming 2-day in person intensive together, I'd like to give you these gifts:

#1 – A Private 30-minute Coaching Call with me to help you through any obstacle in your way (Value: $500)

#2 – Four (4) “Grow Your Business” Virtual Trainings to help keep you moving forward (Value: $500)

#3 – An “Enhance Your Experience” Training to help you get the most out of our time together (Value: $250)

#4 – Multiple Q & A breaks to get your questions answered (and get value from the questions of others) (Value: $500)

#5 –  Two (2) Delicious Catered Lunches with networking opportunities (Value: $300)


I believe this program will help you see what’s holding you back and begin you on the path to success.

Should you decide that you are unable to attend the complete “Clear the Fear” event within the first 3 calendar days after your registration or 3 calendar days prior to the event, whichever comes first, you will be eligible for a complete refund. If after 3 calendar days you decide you are unable to make it or if you do not show up to the event for any reason, no refunds or credits will be given.

Please understand that because your purchase includes digital training, no refunds will be granted at any time.

Join me on August 16 - 17, 2019

in Danbury, CT at the beautiful Ethan Allen Hotel

One easy payment of $497

Have a Question? I'm happy to hear from you. Email me at crystal @ g-forcecoaching.com

G-force Coaching is built on the concept that your belief has to be a greater force than your resistance to get your business off the ground and build momentum.

I provide a stable ground for you to push off and accelerate your business to your next level.

I invite you to spend this time with me and further your success.

If you have any questions before you register, please reach out to me at crystal @ g-forcecoaching.com and I’ll be happy to assist you.

I look forward to seeing you in person!