A 2 Day Live Intensive To Help You
Transform Your Sales Results...


Be guided through the sales process, the psychology of objections, and how to shift your current beliefs to generate explosive sales results.

MAY 4-5, 2019

Danbury, CT

Coaches, consultants, and service based businesses who want to sell more and are struggling to reach their income goals…

Sales is service...

Sales is such an amazing transaction between two people... when done with influence, integrity, and kindness.

Sales allows you to serve to the highest level and help transform another person's life.

It is the one thing that will solve your income troubles and fix an underperforming business practically overnight.

But if you're not making sales, you have a limited time to make a shift.

What's the real problem?

If you're not generating sales, it's not because people are broke, or they don't value you or your service, the economy is bad, there's too much competition, you don't know enough, or your program isn't good..

It has nothing to do with something outside of you.

Not making sales is a symptom of something going on in your head - a block or blindspot.

The problem is how you're thinking about things.. sales.. the lack of money.. why people say no..

It's about YOUR beliefs around money and abundance.
It's about your self-confidence, that even if slightly low, a potential client will sense and say no.


If you are a coach, consultant, or service based business who would like to learn a HUMANISTIC approach to explosive sales..

...I’d like to personally invite you to apply for a seat at my upcoming 2 day intensive with me, "Level Up Your Sales," taking place on May 4-5th, 2019 at the beautiful Ethan Allen Hotel in Danbury, CT.

Are you ready to invest in learning how to serve others and make an impact in someone else’s life with just a simple phone call?

I'll be guiding a small group of business owners through my transformational sales process, the psychology of objections, and what beliefs of yours are getting in your way so you can make more sales and never look back!

Over the course of our 2 days together, you'll learn...

The Powerful Questions

Learn the foundational questions you need to ask on each call to guide the client to a decision to work with you, remaining a person of influence and confidence, while avoiding the shameful, sleazy, and pushy manipulative tactics often taught in sales.

Subtle Cues

During the call, the client will deliver clues to foreshadow the fears and doubts they have around investing in themselves.
A skilled salesperson will listen for these clues and address them up front, leading to a deeper trusting relationship with the client and greater service.

The Psychology of Objections

Learn what clients 'really' mean when they deliver those excuses to say no to working with you and how you can gently and effectively empower them to make the decision to say yes! You'll learn exactly how to respond to a variety of objections so you can turn those no's into yes's!

Foundational Beliefs

Your current beliefs are causing your current sales results. The explosive growth of your sales results will be caused by the shift in your personal beliefs and blocks around money, abundance, self-worth, and more. With solid empowering beliefs, be prepared for a life changing journey!


-- All attendees will receive TWO 60 minute PRIVATE one-on-one CLARITY calls to work on their business.

Once you leave the intensive, you'll need to practice your new sales skills on calls with potential clients and this will bring up additional questions. Use these calls to help you keep moving if you experience any lack of clarity. Use this call as you see fit, whether you need help on your pricing, creating your offers, confidence boosting strategies, or anything else you need to get clear on so you can move on and up.

-- And, receive 60 days of UNLIMITED email access to Crystal to get all your questions answered as they come up.

I started from scratch and sold my first $3,000 program in 20 days of working with Crystal. In 4 months, I increased my income by 600%!
– Patti Garland
Healthy Methods Wellness

TRIPLED my income in  5 months with Crystal’s coaching.
– Emily Mygatt Lee
Roxbury Photography

Kelly took her business to $2K WEEKS within 90 days of working with Crystal.
– Kelly Schulze
Studio 77

My clients have used this training to reach $2,000 weeks in 90 days, turned their previous years annual income in to their investment for ONE client, and have sold one new high ticket program/client PER WEEK with EASE, just to name a few.

If you feel this program could be for you, please apply below. Even if you THINK you’re interested, fill out the brief form and we’ll get back to you to connect further if you're a fit!

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