How to Avoid Feeling Spammy When Following Up

A common question I get from business owners looking to gain new clients is how to best follow up or utilize a list of potential clients without looking like a spammer?

Of course, you don’t want to annoy, “spam,” or bother people, but at the same time, you need clients to keep your business moving!

So how can you avoid the worry of becoming the spammer and start following up to get more sales?

The first step is to remove the ego and step into a place of service.

Let me explain…

When we are in a position to make a sale, we are doing so because we are of service to the other individual. This is how success happens.

To allow yourself to become uncomfortable or feel spammy, or worry if they will like you, is to remove yourself from the position of service and allow your ego to self serve by protecting your feelings and trying to stop growth.

As mentioned in Chapter 14 of The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles, our goal is to exude the impression of increase – impressing upon the customer (or other person) that you are someone who can add great value to their life.

He goes on to say, “All human activities are based on the desire for increase; people are seeking more food, more clothes, better shelter, more luxury, more beauty, more knowledge, more pleasure – increase in something, more life.”

So how can you remain in service and offer others increased value in their lives going forward?

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