Recommended Software and Tools

***Only programs we have used and/or tested are recommended.

Invoicing and Accounting

With Freshbooks, you can invoice clients, accept credit card payments, track your income, and run revenue / expense reports anytime!
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Building Your Email List

Aweber is an “autoresponder” tool to use to build your email list, send out emails, and track results.

You’ll need to start building a list and connecting with them frequently to offer a call with you.
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Get more than 30 email content templates

Legal Assistance, Business Forms, HR Docs

Do NOT start working with clients without an agreement!
You MUST have contracts and/or agreements when working with clients.
Most business owners starting out don’t have the funds for an attorney. This is a great option to get the help you need and legal advice.
Fill out the short form and my colleague, Delano Paul, will give you a call and help you decide.

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Use Wufoo templates to make your own HTML forms.

Website Domain and Hosting

When you’re ready, use SiteGround to host your website. They provide great service and fantastic customer support at great prices. Note that they first year, they give you a significant savings and the second year on, the price will increase. Still a great investment when your business is up and running!
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