Discover Your Inner Geek™ Introduction

I have worked with small business owners over the past several years and have taught them how to market their business online. I’ve met wonderful people and have many times teared up when I spoke to clients and heard about their successes. To help people support their families and live their dreams is my dream come true.

But there’s something that holds people back that I’ve seen time and time again. And it’s the fear of technology. It’s the lack of technology skills. It holds people back because even with great ideas, technology newbies have difficulty knowing where to start to even get their message in a Word document. It’s clear in their head, but typing it up, formatting, and such is all a blur. I need to teach people how to get what’s in their heads onto the computer.

It could be as simple as understanding how to create a PowerPoint presentation for an upcoming event, or writing their first book to publish on Kindle, or creating an audio or video training program, that generates recurring revenue AND educates others. Without understanding the technology behind how these things get accomplished, non tech savvy people are giving up. Their messages are getting shared. Their teachings are not being received. And this is downright criminal. I need to teach people how to use technology as a tool to accomplish whatever they want.

In addition, I cannot begin to tell you how many people have come to me, who have been “ripped off” by a web designer or an online marketer. Do you have any clue much money is wasted by non tech savvy business owners on contractors that provide no results? I can give you a small clue. I If I collected the wasted money, I could retire to a private island. I’m not kidding. Business owners are skeptical when they need help because they’ve been burned before by people in my industry. It’s sickening to me. However, the fault is two-fold.

On one side, it’s a consultant’s responsibility to provide results. Plain and simple. But as a non tech savvy business owner, if you don’t at least have an understanding of technology and what needs to be done, how can you possibly evaluate someone you want to hire? I need to teach people how to be a smart and informed client when dealing with technology related services.

And people waste time, precious time, when completing tasks that technology can do better and faster. This is time away from family and friends. Time that could be spent on vacation. And time that could be spent building revenues. I need to teach people how to use technology to complete some of these tasks and implement systems into their business.

This is where people need me the most. My heart is racing writing this to you because all I want is for people to understand technology and live the life they deserve. The thought of how many people are held back because of the lack of technology skills, technology skills THAT CAN BE LEARNED, makes my heart race. I’m on a mission to close the generation gap in technology.

I’ve started Discover Your Inner Geek™. This is where you’ll find me from now on. This is where I’ll be. And this is where non tech savvy people will find a safe place to learn.

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