A Private One-On-One Session

Is the VIP Day Right For You?

You want results NOW! With a VIP Day, you can start taking action and getting results in ONE DAY!

The VIP Day is an intensive one on one session to map out a plan for your next revenue goal, unlock hidden profits, or focus on a specific skill needed to grow your business faster than you could by yourself.

You are willing to do WHATEVER it takes to grow your business, so you MUST be dedicated, motivated, and open-minded.

If you’re not quite ready to commit to a longer program, this is a great option – and you can take the info and put it to work IMMEDIATELY!

This session is entirely customized for YOU and YOUR business.

Only apply if you are willing to roll up your sleeves and dive in to the content. You aren’t afraid to work for the results you want!

How Does It Work?

How Does the VIP Day Work?

The experience of a VIP Day is different from any other program we offer.

Here’s what we offer for your special day:

– A FULL day to focus on your business ONLY!

– One-on-one time and customized business acceleration with our team

– Your own VIP Day binder with templates, scripts, worksheets, and note pages so you can review it any time and apply your new knowledge

– An in-depth assessment of what’s holding you back and how to move past these obstacles

– Practical, ready-to-implement solutions that you can begin using immediately to start getting clients and generating more revenue

– TWO (2) private 30 min follow up sessions to keep you accountable and ensure proper implementation

– THREE (3) months of email support to get your questions answered and work out an issue right on the spot

What Else?

What Else?

When we do things, we do them right. We want to you feel like a VIP for the day, because… you are!

Your focus should be on learning how to get your business to the next level, so we’ve included a couple of BONUSES so you can relax your mind and take time to think about the major shift you’ll make in your business going forward.

Here’s how we help you do that:

– Hungry people can’t focus, so we include breakfast, lunch, and snacks so you don’t have to worry about where to eat.

– You may have a business partner or spouse who you’d like to bring with you to work on your business. We’d like to invite you to bring them along for no extra cost. (we work on one business only)

What Can We Cover?

What Can We Cover?

A VIP Day is customized to fit your business and your needs right now.
During your interview (which you can apply for below), we’ll discuss what you’d like to cover in your session.

Although you can choose any number of skills that you’d like to work on, here are a few options for our day together that other clients have chosen:

THE $100,000 FORMULA
This day is for the new business owner who is looking to catapult their business. We teach you a 5 step formula to reaching your first $100K and have cut out all the irrelevant information that you’re bombarded with daily. If you want a fast-track program where you can get trained all in one day and then go and implement it immediately, this is it!
This day consists of a Business Makeover where we work with you to unlock the profits that’s are right in front of you, but you can’t see, and stop the cash leaks to increase your profits. You will up-level your business and can start seeing an improvement in your bottom line immediately.
This session is for existing business whose sales have reached a plateau.

Our “Sales Makeover” is a half day session where we’ll evaluate your sales efforts, help you restructure your offers, and build the value of your services, with a plan to increase your bottom line by at least 15-20%.

Your Trainers

Crystal Girgenti, Founder

Crystal is known for helping startup business owners make it to their first $100,000 in business.

She works with startup service based businesses and direct sales consultants, guiding them through the process of building a successful business and training them to use the technology needed at each step.

She will empower you. She will challenge you. And she will push you to reach whatever goals you may have.

Crystal built DYIG to offer a safe, judgement-free place for business owners to get the help they needed and become aware of what holds them back from the success they desire. She won’t give up unless you give up.

Ben Eison, Senior Consultant

Ben is known for developing a sales strategy that helped him generate over $20 million in revenue.

His vast management experience with large Fortune 500 technology & communications companies, as well as, work as a small business coach & management consultant confirms Ben’s exceptional ability to build, train, and mentor successful sales & operations teams.

Ben’s core belief is that the best results in business (and life) are obtained when “people are given the support they need, and inspired to give their best in the passionate pursuit of their goals and dreams”.

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